+ £20 p/p for unlimited Prosecco (2 hrs) Dishes are designed to be shared between 2 people and are served when ready Please let your waiter know about any allergy or dietary requirements


Padrón peppers

Smoked cheddar tequeños

smoked mushroom ceviche, cassava crisps, smoked olive oil

Fried aubergine, smoked yoghurt, pecans

1 Savoury waffle to share

free-range fried egg, yacón syrup, pomegranate, avocado

free-range fried egg, mixed mushroom, wilted spinach, yacón syrup

1 Sweet waffle to share

English berries, organic ginger yoghurt, seeds, yacón syrup

Peanut butter, grilled plantain, cacao nibs, coconut, peanuts

Peruvian chocolate, toasted quinoa ice cream, cacao crumb


£25 per person