Pachamama Peruvian Experience #1

Pachamama Peruvian Experience #1


There is a great deal indeed to be said for imparting a gift upon another, but as with all things in this life it is the how that counts so much more than the what; especially with regard to sharing the delicious dishes from Pachamama with somebody wonderful.

Minimum 2 guest experiences per purchase.

Discretionary charge included.

Yes, please


This involves a rolling style service of a chef’s selection of our very best dishes, which shall all abide to your prearranged dietary specifications and includes an ice-cold pisco sour for each guest on arrival. This works equally well as a special treat for either a partner or a close friend and can be used on any evening of your choice.


Padrons peppers

Smoked cheddar tequenos

Yellowfin tuna, pickled potato, xo, cucumber

'Duck on rice'

Pollito a la brasa', lamb’s lettuce, lemon thyme

Miso-cured carrot, red quinoa, peruvian kimchi

Fried aubergine, smoked yoghurt, pecans

Peruvian chocolate, toasted quinoa ice cream