12 - 3 pm with £7 per dish


Stir fried brussel sprouts, dried chillies, sesame

Wok fried water spinach, Shimeji mushrooms, yellow soybeans

Warm aubergine salad, peanuts, soy

Grilled chicken anticuchos 

Plantain, yacón syrup, feta, black olive

Sprouting broccoli, garlic & chilli mayo

Bashed cucumber salad

Miso-cured carrot, black quinoa, peruvian kimchi

Smoked mushroom ceviche, maíz, smoked olive oil



Padrón peppers, chilli / 5

Sichuan fried chicken, coriander, ginger / 6

Pork belly chicharrones / 5

Smoked cheddar tequeños / 5

Tapioca marshmallow, ocopa sauce / 6

Sweet potato crisps / 4



Yellowfin tuna, pickled potato, XO, cucumber / 11

Seabass ceviche soy tiger’s milk, nori, sesame / 9 

Salmon ceviche, ají limo tiger’s milk, avocado, tomato, puffed rice / 10 

Tuna, avocado jalapeño sauce, fried leeks, lime, radish / 11

Octopus, black quinoa, onion, lime / 15

Whole seabass, pickled chilli, mango, Asian BBQ sauce / 23  



Sichuan pepper & cumin lamb stir fry /  12

‘Duck on rice’ / 12

Stir fried beef, Shaoxing rice wine, star anise / 12

Pan con chicharrón burger (contains pork) / 11

Sweet spicy chicken, snap peas / 10

Crispy lamb belly, green pepper, miso / 11

Pollito a la brasa’, lamb’s lettuce, lemon thyme / 11



ALMOND cake, vanilla ice cream, poached pears / 6

Peruvian chocolate, toasted quinoa ice cream / 6

Yuzu ice cream, meringue, oat crumble / 6

Peruvian chilli & cacao truffles (5 pieces) / 6 


Please notify a member of the staff if you have any type of food allergies and ask for the allergens menu. 

A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your final bill.


lunch tasting menu is available for £35