Dishes are designed to be shared and are served from the kitchen when ready Please let your waiter/waitress know about any allergy or dietary requirements



Smoked cheddar tequeños 6

Pork belly chicharrónes 6

Crab and yuca churros 6

Chicken anticuchos 7

Padrón peppers 5.5


brunch WAFFLES

(Freshly made to order, choose from quinoa or sweet potato base)


English berries, organic ginger yoghurt, seeds, yacón syrup 10

Peanut butter, grilled plantain, cacao nibs, coconut, peanuts 10

Peruvian chocolate, toasted quinoa ice cream, cacao crumb 10


Smoked bacon, free-range fried egg, yacón syrup, pomegranate avocado 12

Beetroot-cured smoked salmon, avocado, poached egg 14

Peruvian fried chicken, yacón & ají sauce 13



Sea bass ceviche, tiger’s milk, choclo, sweet potato crisps 10.5

Salmon ceviche, grapefruit tiger’s milk, avocado 11.5

Sea bream tiradito, tiger’s milk, fennel, purple cauliflower, chives, samphire, truffle oil 10.5



(Pachamama signature dishes available only on the daytime menu)

Pan con chicharrón 13.5

- Galician beef patty, pork belly chicharrón, ají rocoto ketchup, ají amarillo mustard and salsa criola in a cream bun

Pollo a la brasa 15

- 1/2 a free-range chicken, brined, marinated for 2 days and charcoal-grilled, Peruvian style. Served with house jerk sauce and ají amarillo mayonnaise.

Pan roasted Cod 14

- Miso butter, broccoli purée and broccoli stem

Hot smoked salmon 12

- Served as a warming bowl with vibrantly green wild garlic, roasted barley and a poached egg.



Sweet potato crisps 4.5

Caramelised sweet potato 6

Aubergine, smoked yoghurt, pecans 8.5

Baked eggs, avocado, spinach 9.5



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BRUNCH tasting menu is available for £25