Happy Birthday Queen!

Happy Birthday Queen by Pachamama

When one is bestowed with two birthdays, one is rather inclined to party twice as hard. Therefore, by order of Her Royal Highness, it is your duty and indeed pleasure to partake in a Peruvian-inspired feast at Pachamama MaryleboneChicama and Pachamama East. And while one is at it, so to speak, one may as well tackle several of our delicious signature cocktails to help sharpen the palette, purely for medicinal purposes of course!

Help us help you to stop feeling sad and blue... Come and get dizzy with Lizzie on her other - slightly more boozy - bottomless birthday brunch with Pachamama Group!

*the artwork by @freddiemade

Pachamama Marylebone, Chicama and Pachamama East, Head Office at 18 Thayer Street, London, W1U 3JY, United Kingdom