Drink until they're cute

Drink until they are cute by Pachamama
Drink until they are cute by Pachamama

You have to be prepared to kiss a lot of frogs until you find your prince.

Cocktails tend to help with this…

At Pachamama East we are launching our #OutOfOffice drinks menu, which basically means that from 4pm to 7pm everyday you can all leave the office and head straight to us on 73 Great Eastern Street for a host of delicious cocktails with very attractive price tags. 

With amazing drinks and a menu full of delicious snacks to share with friends and potential lovers, it’s the ideal opportunity to take a break from the stress of the office and concentrate on what matters most. 

A few innocent drinks can lead you into a world of infinite possibilities, so why not take a deep breath and invite your office crush along? It’s confidence that makes you sexy and as we provide the perfect setting and soundtrack, you can leave all of the working weeks’ inhibitions where they belong and start to feel wonderful again. 

You do you and we’ll do the rest.

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And if your office crush happens to be a frog, just drink until they’re kissable. He might just turn out to be the prince you’ve been looking for.

Waterfalls of love to you, from the Pachamama East family XxxX

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