Boozy Brunch

Boozy Brunch
Boozy brunch at Pachamama

When it comes to brunch, Lizzy likes to get busy getting dizzy.

Therefore, by order of Her Majesty the Queen, you are all herby summoned to the house of Pachamama to enjoy a terrifically spiffing affair. Our boozy brunch is an occasion for one to unwind and take the time to not give a flying fig about anything other than feeling noble.

Boozy brunch special cocktails

There shall be DJs and dishes aplenty at this extravagant banquet, and a plethora of highly quaffable tipples, which one shall be expected to wholeheartedly partake in the enjoyment of.

Fly first class always with Pachamama Airlines XxxX

Pachamama East, est. 2018
73 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3HR

Pachamama Bar + Kitchen, est. 2014
18 Thayer Street, London, W1U 3JY